Green Sensitive Design (referred to as GSD, LLC) is a LEED based Architectural and Engineering Services, Energy Consulting Services, and Information Technology Consulting Services firm providing services to both public and private organizations with a holistic approach to energy conservation through planning, architectural and engineering design, technology and implementation.

GSD, LLC Core Values:  Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism & Innovation

Our Company has proven past performances in the areas of energy conservation, efficiency, renewable energy generation, corporate sustainability and information technology.

AT GSD, LLC our team posses the required education, work experience, certifications, and cutting edge Industry knowledge in Technology, Regulations, Compliance and Subject Matter Expertise to perform exceptional services in the areas of Energy/Environmental and Information Technology Consulting Services.

We serve as a bridge between private enterprise and government regulatory and permitting processes to assure that your project will move forward by meeting relevant regulations. We will obtain the required approvals and will provide subject matter expertise throughout the project. Once you engage our services, you can be rest assured your project is in the hands of experts who will get the work done by meeting all requirements & in a cost effective and expedient manner.

Some of our services are listed below:

  • Energy Planning/Infrastructure Planning/Project Siting/Public Outreach Services
  • Traditional LEED A/E Services for Energy Use Optimization and overall High Performance Building Standards.
  • A full complement of ancillary services for Energy project design, permitting and project compliance.
  • Identify international markets for Energy/Environmental/Infrastructure projects.
  • Information Technology services in Agile Delivery Services , Enterprise Application Development, Cloud and Security.